Choose the correct item

1. She likes Peter. She doesn’t like his brother, ……. . A. whereas B. but C. in spite 2. ……..of being tired, Jeff went to the party. A. In spite B. Despite C. Although 3. …….he hated shopping, he went to the supermarket. A. However B. Even though C. While 4. ……the rain, the football match went ahead. A. In spite of B. However C. Although 5. This car is fast,…….it is also very noisy. A. despite B. but C. in spite 6. “You’re going on holiday soon, aren’t you?” “Yes. This time next week, I……coffee in Brazil.” A. will be drinking B. will drink C. am drinking 7. “Has Clive just moved to the area?” “Yes, he has, but he…..about moving here for years, you know.” A. had been thinking B. is thinking C. will have been thinking 8. “What do you want to do when you leave school?” “Actually, I hope……a vet.” A. to become B. become C. becoming 9. “What are you doing tonight?” “I …….tidy my bedroom. My mother told me to do it.” A. could B. have to C. can 10. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a while.” “Oh, I……very hard recently.” A. am working B. have been working C. work 11. “Did you watch the late film on TV last night?” “Yes. But I ……it twice before.” A. already saw B. was already seeing C. had already seen 12. “Have you got Claire’s phone number?” “Yes. It ……on this piece of paper.” A. is written B. written C. be written 13. “How is Kevin?” “Well, his car…….last night, so he’s upset today.” A. is stolen B. has been stolen C. was stolen 14. “Where does that lady keep her jewellery?” “It……in a safe somewhere in her house.” A. is kept B. are kept C. was kept 15. “Can you swim?” “Oh yes. I…… how to swim when I was five.” A. taught B. am taught C. was taught 16. “Paul is taking me to a ball this weekend.” “I would love……to a ball!” A. take B. to take C. to be taken 17. “So, have you had your book published?” “Yes. It ……in all bookshops from June 1st.” A. will be B. is C. is being 18. “Are you going to buy a wedding dress?” “No. My dress……by my mother.” A. is being made B. is made C. made 19. “Was Tom pleased with the newspaper article about him?” “No. he was angry because his name…… wrong.” A. spelt B. had been spelt C. is spelt 20. “Did you buy that picture?” “No, it……to me for my birthday.” A. was given B. gave C. is given